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  • Free 24hr FastClaim and 24hr Assistance
  • Free Courtesy Car in case of an Accident
  • Free Courtesy Car in case of  Breakdown
  • Free Claim Support Service
  • Free Legal Protection Assistance
  • Easy renew in 3 clicks 


  • Free 24hr FastClaim Assistance
  • Free 24hr Home and Business Assistance
  • Free 24hr Response Property Assistance
  • Instant visit  at the scene of the accident
  •  Save 33% off your existing Policy
  • Easy renew in 3 clicks 


  • Free 24hr FastClaim Assistance
  • Free 24hr Casualty Care  Assistance
  • Free 24hr Health Helpline Assistance
  • Free 24hr Coordinating Centre
  • Switch and get 30 days Free Cover
  • Easy renew in 3 clicks