Loyalty Rewards Plan

Every customer of Gan Direct has the opportunity to participate in Gan Direct’s
Loyalty Rewards Plan by becoming a member.

The Customer Reward Program rewards your trust in immediate and practical ways. All Gan Direct customers have the opportunity to participate by enjoying discounts, unique privileges and services.
Simply activate your account, confirm your personal information and you will automatically become a member of the Program!



…and redeem points in
an easier and faster way!

With every online services purchase at Gan Direct, you collect points that are added up and converted into a discount on your next online transactions with the company (new contract, renewal, contract consolidation, etc.).

At the same time, you benefit from the special prices and services of our ever-expanding network of partners in the fields of health, property and the car.

In case of claim, however, you lose points. And that’s because we want to be true to our core values ​​of mutual trust, reliability and integrity for which you have chosen us!


…the idea, talk about the Gan Direct service
experience, recommend us to your own people!

Not only do you earn extra points but you also give others the opportunity to take advantage of unique privileges, time and money.

Just log in to your online account and recommend the friend / relative you want by sending him the link that leads to the Gan Direct website to create a new account. By activating the account and the first transaction, your friend automatically becomes a member.


…for a social purpose
which you choose!

Give as many points as you wish and strengthen a social or charitable purpose from our list of social activities.

With your help we can do more.




Blood Tests, X-Rays, Opticians, Clinics, Pharmacies, Physiotherapists



Electrical Appliances, White Goods, Alarm Systems



Car Wash, Tyres, Service, Batteries, Petrol stations (consumable discounts i.e. wipers), Electrical,Exhaust Repairs, Wheels Alignment, Recoveries, Upholstery


Information about the Plan

Customers requiring information or assistance in connection with the plan please visit FAQ.

Plan Terms & Conditions

In addition to the specific changes referred to in these Terms & Conditions, Gan Direct reserves the right to change the plan or the Terms & Conditions at any time by giving customers a reasonable notice.
Any notice under these Terms & Conditions may be given in person in writing or displayed in our branches and website.
In case of Policy Insurance cancellation prior to its expiration date, Gan Direct reserves the right to deduct points from the Gan Direct Loyalty Scheme Program with immediate effect.


  • Free 24hr FastClaim and 24hr Assistance
  • Free Courtesy Car in case of an Accident
  • Free Courtesy Car in case of  Breakdown
  • Free Claim Support Service
  • Free Legal Protection Assistance
  • Easy renew in 3 clicks 


  • Free 24hr FastClaim Assistance
  • Free 24hr Home and Business Assistance
  • Free 24hr Response Property Assistance
  • Instant visit  at the scene of the accident
  •  Save 33% off your existing Policy
  • Easy renew in 3 clicks 


  • Free 24hr FastClaim Assistance
  • Free 24hr Casualty Care  Assistance
  • Free 24hr Health Helpline Assistance
  • Free 24hr Coordinating Centre
  • Switch and get 30 days Free Cover
  • Easy renew in 3 clicks