I hereby authorize Gan Direct Insurance Limited (“GAN Direct”) to irrevocably charge my credit/debit card with the amount that appears on the policy quotation (the “Policy” and the “Payment” respectively). The submission of the electronic Payment is my express and irrevocable authorization and acceptance of the premium of the respective Policy proposed by GAN Direct based on my declarations provided to your online platform.

I have read and understood the content of all documents forming the Policy. I hereby accept that this proposed Policy which I submit electronically or by email or via your website www.gandirect.com is legally binding upon me and I fully understand my obligations therein. I hereby declare and warrant that all statements made by me and are included in the Policy proposal are absolutely true and further I have not concealed, distorted or misinterpreted any such statement. I further understand and agree that (a) the Policy proposal and (b) my statement are legally binding upon me and are an inseparable part of the Policy offered by Gan Direct to me.