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Gan Direct Advisory Tool

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Limassol, 14 June 2019

Press Release

Gan Direct Advisory Tool:

 The ultimate tool that tells you how to take advantage of all the offers, deals and discounts you are entitled to, ensuring the most profitable insurance policy

 With its new, online tool, Gan Direct gives step by step guidance to its customers on how to enjoy maximum coverage at the lowest possible cost, by making use of all possible offers, privileges and discounts combinations.

 With the Advisory Tool, the process is completely personalised and in real time, with just a few simple steps to follow through

As soon as the customers adjust their policies based on their individual needs, the system indicates not only the scope for improvement in the final cost of the insurance policy, but the exact offers they are entitled to make use of to their benefit.

 The flexibility of this tool also allows customers to choose the coverage period, the amount they want to spend and the method of payment according to their budget. And all this, with Gan Guarantee always offering the best price, cover and service levels in the market.

As Mr George Nicolaides, CEO of Gan Direct, points out: During all these 25 years, Gan Direct’s team has been serving its customers throw innovative tools that make their lives easier, and by safeguarding their interests through the most competitive proposals.

 With our latest tool, the Advisory Tool, we reward the trust of our customers by helping them in getting the most out of their insurance policy, that is maximum coverage and service, at the lowest possible cost. With this technological leap, we are where others want to be!” 

 The Advisory Tool is the most comprehensive insurance option for consumers who are looking for the most cost-effective insurance policies.It summarises all discounts, deals, offers and benefits offered by Gan Direct’s online platform. More specifically:

Smart move #1: By exclusively selecting Gan Direct for all their policies, customers save  €2.000 on average compared to their previous insurance company, while enjoying the same coverage!

Smart move #2: With the new Bundling Insurance service, which offers the option to bundle two policies into one, customers enjoy up to 15% discount!

Smart move #3: With Gan Direct’s innovative All In One service, customers can gather all of their key policies – health, property and motor– into one “package” with one renewal date, ensuring a further up to 20% discount.

Smart move #4: By buying policies  through Insurance On the Go, the smart, online insurance for motor, health and property, customers save an additional up to 10% discount.

Smart move #5: By choosing the option of automatic policy renewal, customers enjoy an additional up to 5% discount.