Our candidates frequently ask us certain questions, that we thought would be useful for your decision-making process. If you have any further queries regarding our employment process, our HR team is available to assist you.

What are the steps of the recruiting process?

Here are the typical steps in our recruitment process:

  1. Complete Online Application Form;
  2. Successful candidates will be invited to participate in our interview process which may include phone interviews, face to face interviews, role plays, work-based tasks and simulations;
  3. Successful candidates will be invited to complete a psychometric test;
  4. Final candidates will be invited to the final step of our recruitment process which is our panel interview;
  5. If the candidate receives an Offer Letter from us, then we are ready to welcome our new member.

Our HR team will keep you informed every step of the way!

How can I stay updated on job opportunities with Gan Direct?

The best way to keep yourself updated is to like our Facebook page, visit our online job boards, or bookmark the Gan Direct Careers webpage.

Will I have career opportunities?

For the overachievers who through their performance and general ethics pursue a career in the insurance industry, Gan Direct is the place to be!

We don’t just offer a job, but a career pathway, for those who contribute actively to the achievement of the corporate targets.

Our Company supports all employees with continuing professional development through seminars, our internal Gan Academy, as well as professional educational titles and diplomas through our cooperation with professional entities and universities. This is one of the reasons why Gan Direct attracts candidates with higher educational background. The majority of our members have achieved graduate and postgraduate studies.

Our internal career pathway has no limits, as for us the sky is the limit!

Does the company have a compensation policy?

We aim to reward our members for their hard work and hence in parallel to our career pathway, we offer opportunities for continuous improvement of their remuneration package. Our compensation policy aims to maintain satisfied and devoted members through the years.

What are the hours of work?

The Company operates from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00. Each department is manned with the appropriate number of personnel as to provide excellent support to our customers. With the exclusion of specific departments, the average working shifts are either 08:00 to 18:00 with two hours lunch break or 09:00 to 17:00 with 20 minutes lunch break within the Company’s premises. The shifts run in rotation between all team members and the monthly working schedules are prepared by the HR department in advance.

How long would I need to wait to get a promotion?

We do not support career advancement opportunities based on the years of service. Both our internal career pathway and our compensation policy promote the outstanding performers by giving them the required time frames to reach and surpass their goals. On the other hand, we always like to reward our loyal members.

The key to getting a promotion depends on the daily work performance. Our members work based on goals and set KPIs. Those who excel through their work and achieve and/or surpass their KPIs, within set time frames for each step of the career pathway that Gan Direct offers, are eligible to a promotion.

Would I be asked to work overtime?

We take pride in the quality of work we deliver and understand that service excellence to our colleagues and customers means on time and superior quality of work at all times. We adhere to honesty, fairness and doing the right thing without compromise, even when circumstances are not the easiest. Our customers trust us, to provide them with our support in their time of need and it is within our core values to do so.

As our mission is to be a comprehensive service provider, we are committed to working overtime as we serve our customers the same way that we would want to be served. Of course, any overtime is fully paid by the Company and is also rewarded through various other activities.

What are the benefits offered?

Gan Direct offers competitive remuneration packages as we have permanent members of staff and not commission agents. All of our members are paid 14 salaries and enjoy a number of benefits such as 100% of medical insurance (Covers within Cyprus: Inpatient – 100,000 Euros, Outpatient – 1,000 Euros, Death Benefit – 20,000 Euros, Dread Disease Benefit – 20,000 Euros, New Born Baby Benefit – 1,000 Euros and Area of Cover: Cyprus), staff discount on other insurance policies, increased annual leave entitlement throughout the years of employment, added allowances applicable to each position, monthly competitions with wining prizes and so many others.

What is the turnover ratio?

The insurance industry turnover ratio is quite high in comparison with other industries as it is customer-oriented and high pressure. We, at Gan Direct, work toward maintaining our employees and as proof of that are the numerous members who have climbed up the hierarchy ladder and are with the Company from its first steps in the Industry.

How long after applying for a position can I expect to receive a response?

After completing the Online Application form, you can expect to hear from us within 2-3 working days.

Can I apply for more than one vacancy at Gan Direct?

Of course, you can! At our Online Application form you can find the option of applying for any of our positions you may choose to, but be sure that your qualifications are consistent with the job requirements.

Will my application be confidential?

Our Company is in full compliance with GDPR and all applications are handled with strict confidentiality!

How many interviews can I expect?

Usually, you can expect to have three interviews: a phone interview by which you will be invited to attend in a face to face interview with a representative of our HR Department and a panel interview which is normally the final step of our interview process.